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Today's Five !!!

Camp Capers Bell Tower 1951---- - in/near Waring

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Camp Capers Bell Tower

Steves Hall with Bell Tower 1951, Camp was 93 acre Negley Farm purchased in 1945 and opened in 1947

Comfort Little Theatre Donation ------ - in/near Comfort

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Comfort Little Theatre Donation

Thank You for the Nice Donation given by the Comfort Little Theatre. Their shows are always the last weekend in April and the First weekend in May in Waring Texas.

Charles Schilling Threshing Crew 1918---- - in/near Holiday Road

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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew

Charles Schilling farm on Holiday road. He is sitting on a Ferguson tractor and George his father is standing next to the tractor. By the size of the haystack it must have been a good year.

CPL & CHF Working Together ---- - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Diane Potter

CPL & CHF Working Together

The Comfort Public Library and the Comfort Heritage Foundation sponsor ancestry.com at the library computers. Joint efforts are what makes Comfort special.

Clara Moehring - Comfort 1908-08-13 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Anne Stewart

Clara Moehring - Comfort

Miss Clara Moehring, Comfort`s female photographer, who operated her photography studio from 1908-1920.