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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew 1918---- - in/near Holiday Road

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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew

Charles Schilling farm on Holiday road. He is sitting on a Ferguson tractor and George his father is standing next to the tractor. By the size of the haystack it must have been a good year.

Karger Farm - 1894 - Comfort 1894 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Anne Stewart

Karger Farm - 1894 - Comfort

The Paul and Dora Karger Farm in 1894. The large irrigation tank was built to irrigate this early commercial produce farm. Produce was taken to the Mexican Market in San Antonio to sell to the highest bidder. George Karger is on the framed structure, left to right, Dora, Paul, Betty, Elspeth and Alfred Karger.

Clara Moehring - Comfort 1908-08-13 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Anne Stewart

Clara Moehring - Comfort

Miss Clara Moehring, Comfort`s female photographer, who operated her photography studio from 1908-1920.

Comfort Storyvill 2018-03- - in/near Comfort

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Comfort Storyvill

This 118 plus year old home was built for Ludwig Hein, who was a blacksmith and had his shop next door to his home. This B & B Victorian Cottage is an historical landmark. It is in the center of Comfort and has been tastefully restored, by the Storys, to a delightful retreat. In the 1920s, Southwestern Bell moved its switchboard into the front parlor of this home. The phone system was locally known as “The Comfort Telephone Company”. It was manned 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by the switchboard operator and several young girls. There was also a small bed in the room for the night person. This was the time of “party lines” with 8-10 people on one line. You would know you had a call by how many long and short rings you heard and would only pick up with your unique combination of “longs and shorts”. For many years this house was the pulse of communication for Greater Comfort. This switchboard system closed when the dial phones came into existence, and the home reverted to a single residence. This very comfortable one-bedroom B & B is lovingly decorated using a neutral white theme of wicker, wrought iron, antiques and leather. The bead board walls, high ceilings and longleaf pine floors keep its authenticity. The antiques and collectibles in this home give you the feeling of staying in a romantic early century home. Its tiny antique baby bed, nestled next to the lovely queen bed makes you instantly feel comfortable and at home. Ed and Joey Story also have available a beautiful shaded patio and back yard for summertime fun.

Camp Capers Bell Tower 1951---- - in/near Waring

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Camp Capers Bell Tower

Steves Hall with Bell Tower 1951, Camp was 93 acre Negley Farm purchased in 1945 and opened in 1947