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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew 1918---- - in/near Holiday Road

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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew

Charles Schilling farm on Holiday road. He is sitting on a Ferguson tractor and George his father is standing next to the tractor. By the size of the haystack it must have been a good year.

The beginnings of Waring 1887 - in/near Waring

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Photo Credit: Jay Pennington  
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The beginnings of Waring

Originally known as Waringford: R. P. M. Waring, a native of Ireland, provided a right-of-way for the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway for its Kerrville line.

Clara Moehring - Comfort 1908-08-13 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Anne Stewart

Clara Moehring - Comfort

Miss Clara Moehring, Comfort`s female photographer, who operated her photography studio from 1908-1920.

Meyer Hotel ---- - in/near Comfort

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Meyer Hotel

952 High Street, German native Frederich Christian Meyer came to Comfort in 1862. A wheelwright, Meyer also ran a stage stop and weigh station at this sight which included a small log cabin. He married Ernstine Mueller Meyer 1868. A second story was added in 1869. He constructed a two story wooden structure here for his wife, a midwife, for her work which housed maternity rooms for use by the women of the surrounding area ranches in 1872. In 1887, when rail lines were completed through the area, Comfort began showing promise as a resort community. That same year, the Meyers constructed a two story frame building south of their residence to serve as a hotel. The upper floor of structure was used for guests and the ground floor housed a large kitchen and dining room. With help of their 8 children, Ernestine continued to operate the hotel after her husband`s death in 1889. It was operated by family till 1956.

S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River ------ - in/near Comfort

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S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River

Railroad bridge across the Guadalupe River at Seidensticker Crossing 3 miles east of Comfort. Photo taken before 1930s when side wooden spans were replaced by metal ones.

Brenda Seidensticker