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S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River ------ - in/near Comfort

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S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River

Railroad bridge across the Guadalupe River at Seidensticker Crossing 3 miles east of Comfort. Photo taken before 1930s when side wooden spans were replaced by metal ones.

Brenda Seidensticker

Snow in Comfort!!! 1915-01-23 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Miss Clara Moehring

Snow in Comfort!!!

A winter in Comfort. Some of the present-day Comfort winters pass by without even a flurry of snow. This was the Otto Holekamp yard, now the site of Peter Hohnstedt`s art studio

Clara Moehring - Comfort 1908-08-13 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Anne Stewart

Clara Moehring - Comfort

Miss Clara Moehring, Comfort`s female photographer, who operated her photography studio from 1908-1920.

The Holekamp Guest Haus 2018-04- - in/near Comfort

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The Holekamp Guest Haus

This large charming residence was built in 1910 by Mrs. Emilie Hugo of San Antonio. Oral history states this was a Sears & Roebuck Company pre-fabricated home. It was delivered in pieces and assembled by their craftsmen. The stated cost was $5,000. In 1919, Otto Holekamp bought the house, and it stayed in the family until 1976, and it was sold to Roy Matter. Later in 2003, it was purchased by John & Mary Straley. They renovated the home and added 6 private bathrooms for each of the 6 bedrooms and ran a Bed and Breakfast. Current owners, Joe and Ella Gay, are revamping the 108-year-old home, and they plan to continue the guesthouse under the name “Holekamp Guest Haus”. The home, consisting of long leaf pine floors and high ceilings, was built for a large family and their guests. This Sears & Roebuck kit home, shows the original façade, consisting of hints of both Moorish and Victorian design features with bay windows on each side surmounted by gable details. It has a massive central dormer echoing similar gable details. The home consists of 2 stories, a basement, 3 fireplaces and a porte cochere attached covered drive-thru for carriages. The residence also boasts a large updated kitchen, butler’s pantry, owners’ suite and a large utility store room. Beautiful period chandeliers and lighting fixtures adorn each room. Large ornately carved armoires and unique beds enhance the grandeur and mystique in the six large bedrooms. The second floor affords an imposing view of Comfort and the surrounding hills from both the inside and the side balcony above the porte cochere.

Camp Capers Bell Tower 1951---- - in/near Waring

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Camp Capers Bell Tower

Steves Hall with Bell Tower 1951, Camp was 93 acre Negley Farm purchased in 1945 and opened in 1947