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Camp Capers Bell Tower 1951---- - in/near Waring

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Camp Capers Bell Tower

Steves Hall with Bell Tower 1951, Camp was 93 acre Negley Farm purchased in 1945 and opened in 1947

The beginnings of Comfort 1854 - in/near Comfort

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Photo Credit: Jay Pennington  
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The beginnings of Comfort

The town was laid out by Ernst Hermann Altgelt along the banks of the Cypress Creek above its confluence with the Guadalupe River. Freemasons, freethinkers, and political activists from Bettina and Sisterdale settled the area. The town was a center of Union sentiment during the Civil War and lost many young men at the battle of the Nueces in 1862.

Charles Schilling Threshing Crew 1918---- - in/near Holiday Road

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Charles Schilling Threshing Crew

Charles Schilling farm on Holiday road. He is sitting on a Ferguson tractor and George his father is standing next to the tractor. By the size of the haystack it must have been a good year.

The Front Porch Inn 2018-04- - in/near Comfort

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The Front Porch Inn

In 1902 Jim Bierschwale, a local rancher and brother Robert, operated a livery stable in Comfort. Jim and wife, Martha, built their Comfort home on five acres in 1926. According to the Comfort News, “The home will be modern throughout and have five rooms: a bath, sleeping porch and a front porch across the front of the house”. After several owners, the Timothy Carrington family bought the house in 1995. The Carringtons established and operated “The Carrington House Bed and Breakfast”. It remained a B & B under the Carrington name with two subsequent owners. The Southwicks have recently purchased the residence and are continuing the Bed and Breakfast under the new name of “The Front Porch Inn”. The bedrooms each have their own entrance - some from the front porch and some from the back patio. These include the Blue Room, the Wooden Room, the Cow Room, the Purple Room and the Upstairs Suite. The common area includes a fireplace, living/dining room, kitchen and a wonderful long front porch. Interesting collectibles enhance both the common area and bedrooms.

S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River ------ - in/near Comfort

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S.A. & A.P Railroad Bridge across Guadalupe River

Railroad bridge across the Guadalupe River at Seidensticker Crossing 3 miles east of Comfort. Photo taken before 1930s when side wooden spans were replaced by metal ones.

Brenda Seidensticker